Machine Tool Reconditioning / Rebuilds / Modernisation

About QEC


We are Service Provider of Machine Tool Reconditioning / Rebuilds / Modernisation and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. 25 Years Trading Providing Machine Tool Rebuild Solutions Retrofits can provide the latest CNC technology but they are based on what maybe termed a good condition mechanical machine.Real gains achievable may not be released without bringing the machine mechanics back to original accuracies and alignments.

Involving a total machine rebuild to as new or a partial rebuild to correct known errors and faults following an on site condition diagnosis and report. (See calibration information).

A machine tool rebuild programmed includes an agreed specification, pre-work checks, alignments, and accuracy and calibration verification (using conventional equipment, laser & ball bar).

Fully commissioning, CD documentation, addition of latest safety diagnostics (e.g. integrated safety features & PUWER), Plus full training & support.

The Machine Rebuild is completed by skilled crafts people assisted by Graduate Engineers. Accuracies are returned to original machine manufacturer's specification in accordance with BS4656.

For solutions that improve your quality & profits whether a machine tool rebuild, CNC retrofit/modernization, Machine tool remanufacture, a specially designed and build machine, or a retrofit package, get in touch. Contact us now on your particular machine needs. For all your machine tool rebuild machine tool remanufacture needs.