Machine Tool Calibration

Caliber Gauges & Instrument Laboratory


We are Service Provider of Machine Tool Calibration Services and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Machine Tool Calibration & Condition Reporting : Laboratory is offering laser Calibration & Compensation linear positioning Accuracy, Backlash and will help you to improve the accuracy of your CNC machines.

We have got NABL Accreditation for calibration of CNC Machines with laser interferometer (First time in India) our NABL LAB. No. C0307.

Our customers will be supplied with a report containing measurement data, all data plot, and analysis of result as per VDI/ ISO/ JIS Standard which will help in grading your machine. With this information, customers can maintain service logs demonstrating the accuracy of their machine. This service is recommended half yearly (ISO 9000-TE Guidelines) and also for jobs which require a high degree of accuracy and tight tolerances.

With the addition of our laser unit, Caliber Services is now in a position to offer a full-range of services to support all your shop needs. This full-service will include consulting with many of you to customize a preventative maintenance program to minimize machine downtime and to ensure high quality products.

With experience of more than 600 CNC machines all over India we are in position to guide our customer to take proactive maintenance action.

We have got extensive experience in compensation any through any controller of Fanuc, Seimens, Mitsubushi, Haas, Sienumeric, Hinumeric, Heidenhain, Electronica.

We are looking forward to working with you to keep your CNC MACHINE running and producing accurate parts.

Equipment ? Laser interoferometer make - Renishaw U.K

Range - 0 - 40 m L.C 0.000001 mm Accuracy-0.7 ppm